I blend integrative, mind/body and creative approaches to suit an individual's needs


I am interested in stories and patterns, and making connections between how underlying beliefs or previous experiences are influencing your life now.

I am client-led: that means I will work with whatever issues come into the room. Some people like to focus on a particular topic or experience and others are interested in understanding the underlying issues or habitual behaviours that might be behind challenges they’re facing.

Some clients appreciate practical support and if this feels right for you I can suggest strategies or tools, such as helping you learn better self-regulation, how to get more from your daily life, and what it takes to thrive in your relationship/s.

I trained to work with children and young people, which has given me a sound foundation for my work with adults in that it enables me to recognise the younger parts of an individual that might be requiring some attention.

It also means I can offer a range of creative ways of working, other than just talking; if it feels right for you we can experiment with an art therapy approach or using cognitive behavioural style exercises to better help you get clarity, check out options or explore your fears and hopes.

Discuss your situation and your needs with me

I respond to every message I receive. Email or call me if you want to talk more about how I can support you.